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Christchurch Rebuild

Helping Christchurch Rebuild

Following devastating earthquakes, the people of Christchurch are well underway in the process of rebuilding and reimagining their city’s landscape. Planners have consulted widely and have realigned the vision for Christchurch in building a better and more resilient city for future generations.

In support of this new vision, we have had an increasing involvement in the rebuilding of Christchurch and embracing plans to build a greener, more resilient, liveable and accessible city. We understand the recovery plans and have been working closely with local companies in the redevelopment efforts.

Leadership in the development and management of sustainable property and infrastructure through better asset management and project management underpin our service offer. With this in mind the staff at Optimatum have been helping the people of Christchurch in the process of returning to a more normal way of life in a more vibrant and resilient city.