Tendering with a Difference

Effective tendering starts well before the tenders are advertised. To provide the best chance of winning, careful planning, research and client engagement are required. We help our customers stand apart through a targeted end-to-end service to enhance differentiation and create an advantage. Interested to know more?

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Creating new growth opportunity

Looking to engage more with your existing clients, or perhaps develop relationships with new clients? Optimatum can help to promote your organisational in a professional manner and proactively engage clients in your target market with compelling and differentiated offers. Interested to know more?

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Strategic marketing that engages

What do you think your customers are going to want in the future? Are there opportunities to add value to your clients without significantly adding cost? Are your products and services presented to the market in the best possible way? Are there opportunities to improve the engagement and loyalty of your customers? We have some solutions that can help.

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Acquisitions and divestments

Looking to buy or sell a company? Wanting to do some confidential research and market testing to explore potential opportunities? Optimatum can assist in preparing for acquisitions and divestments with a cost effective service that protects the anonymity. Interested to know more?

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Planning for growth and expansion

Effectively managing and resourcing growth often requires careful planning. Whether it’s a new contract, product, service, or location, growth may mean more people, space, capital, equipment, materials, management and other resources. Efficiently and effectively mobilising resources at the right time will deliver the best outcomes. Optimatum can support successful expansion. Interested to know more?

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Strategic Advice

Looking to align your direction with future opportunities or position to defend against future threats? Optimatum can assist with business and market analysis to support plans for outperforming the competition. Interested to know more?